Often, this question is asked on the Internet and conveniently the answers are usually provided directly. Looking at the individual criteria, however, a little more precise, so is a much more differentiated picture dar. We summarized this in a short question and answer game once for you. This can be used to identify indicators that, taken together, give an indication of the quality of the real estate agent.

  • Does the broker have a qualified vocational training?

An important point! However, it must be distinguished whether it is a completed three-year apprenticeship as a real estate agent or a real estate agent or a paid, two-week course at the local IHK or other institutions. Then the graduate may call himself IHK-approved real estate agent. Sounds alike, but the difference is serious.

  • Has he / she completed additional qualifications and further training?

Again, there are differences. Is the appraiser certified for real estate valuation, are the training courses certified by recognized institutions? Always ask!

  • Is he / she a member of the German Real Estate Association (IVD)?

Membership of the Professional Association of Brokers has advantages in terms of information flow and training opportunities. Although membership is only conditionally a qualitative yardstick, since there are only soft criteria for admission, nevertheless the question may be asked, for which reasons one refuses a membership.

  • How long does he / she have work experience?

It's like every job: experience is a key factor, but not the only one. There are also "old hands" who make mistakes, but they usually make them much less common.

  • Can references be presented?

References are important if they have been established seriously. Just ask and let (while maintaining data protection) make contact with satisfied customers.

  • What is the size of the property for sale and rental?

As a rule, long-established real estate agents have significantly more objects in marketing. Conversely, truth also means that the sheer number is often deceptive. For a reputable broker also has a large base of search-end customers. So many real estate never appear in the databases because they have already been sold internally. Sometimes trickery is also done by artificially increasing the quantity of offers through previously sold or rented properties.

  • Through which channels is the property marketed (real estate portals, newspapers, etc.)?

Hiring real estate into major real estate portals such as Immoscout or Immowelt is costly, especially when additional services are booked, such as preventing an ad from sliding down and becoming less visible. It is also necessary, on a case-by-case basis, to return to the good old daily newspaper or specialist publications in the case of objects that are difficult to convey. Who saves on the real estate marketing, should be considered very critical.

  • How is the company rated on the internet?

Even if today's "valuation mania" is often overestimated, it should make you wonder if a real estate agent combines very few or mostly bad reviews on Immoscout, Immowelt or Google. On the other hand: dubious agencies have been offering for a long time to award good reviews for a corresponding fee.

The company is valued at Immoscout. Why are the reviews not published?

Immoscout, as the largest real estate platform, gives brokers the opportunity to hide their valuations, they are then no longer visible to the user. You see, that was rated, but not like. Not necessarily a good sign when reviews are suppressed.

  • What is the appearance of the website (homepage)?

The homepage is today the business card of a company, this naturally also applies to brokerage companies. The presentation, the information content and the quality of service at least give a rough indication of the seriousness of the company.

  • How are the real estate offers presented in the databases? Are the texts meaningful, what is the quality of the photos, are floor plans in the original and therefore mostly of inferior quality or are the floor plans reworked?

Unfortunately not an isolated case! A house is “described” with a few sentences brimming with spelling errors, photos are missing or are of inferior quality, the floor plan shown was copied from a faded building file. Anyone who makes so little effort to market a property shows only one thing: a lack of respect for the task and thus a lack of respect for the client.

It goes without saying that this list can not be exhaustive, but one should at least become suspicious if most of the questions are answered in the negative.