According to the Frankfurt District Court, the term “Miss” is not defamatory. A tenant had complained - it was about a cleaning plan.

A tenant must accept to be referred to as a “Miss” on notices. The Frankfurt am Main district court decided - and dismissed an injunction by the woman.

It is therefore not defamatory that the landlady added “Miss” to the plaintiff's name in the stairwell cleaning plan. or “Miss” provided. The term Fräulein as a designation for an unmarried woman had been abolished for public registers as early as 1972. Internationally, however, there is no uniform assessment of the form of address as disparaging. The court referred to the French form of address Mademoiselle and the English name Miss.

In the specific case, the high age of the landlord to take into account, said the District Court with: It is 89 years old. The applicant also claims that it did not object to the use of the name in the 1984 lease. The decision is not final. (Az. 29 C 1220 / 19 (46)

But the key question is: was not 35 cleaned in this house for years, or did the tenant ignore the plan for decades?