The Corona crisis completely changed our society this year and the real estate industry is also subject to massive restrictions. Nevertheless - the sale and rental of real estate must continue, as sellers and buyers as well as tenants and landlords are equally affected.

For several years now, we have been offering 360 ° tours of properties for sale, and we have been expanding this service to include rental offers for several months. Our employees create the 360 ​​° tours. Please understand that, for reasons of social distancing, we want to protect both our employees and the current tenants. Video tours are currently only available in vacant Apartments and houses are included. Once the tour has been created, it will be placed on our website and in the real estate portals in the appropriate section. There are now two alternatives for those interested:

  • We arrange an individual telephone appointment with you and take you through the virtual tour of the house or apartment.
  • If there is greater demand, we will invite several interested parties to a conference call. As with an individual meeting, you also have the opportunity here to ask the broker all the necessary questions. If, after the virtual tours, there is still strong interest in the property on offer, real individual tours can be arranged. Protective masks should be worn and social distance should be observed.

For more information, please contact us by phone (0228-316051) or by e-mail ( ask.