Commissions for brokers based on the ordering principle - rental

If you want to rent out your apartment or house through a realtor, you should be familiar with the principle of ordering. This regulates the commission payment to brokers and is anchored in the Tenancy Law. The current version has been in effect since June 01st, 2015. Before that, especially in tense housing markets, tenants had to pay commission for brokerage agencies. That has changed.

Renting out apartments according to the customer principle - you should know that as a landlord

If you want to rent out an apartment or a house and hire a real estate agent to act as a broker, you will incur commission costs. The ordering principle regulates who has to pay the broker's commission. According to the law, whoever hires the broker pays the commission. This is usually the landlord.
However, this legal regulation is not really a novelty, because supply and demand have determined the market for decades and in rural regions it has always been the case that the landlord pays the broker's commission.

KRAFT Immobilien is your competent real estate broker

We see ourselves as a neutral mediator between landlords and tenants. We have been committed to this claim for decades and we will continue to operate according to this principle in the future. With success, because more than 2.000 house and apartment owners repeatedly rely on the good service and the right choice of tenants from KRAFT Immobilien when they rent a new apartment.