process flow

In addition to classic real estate sales, KRAFT Real Estate also offers a bidding process for sellers.

We start the bidding process with the starting price we have assessed. The offer is initially placed in various real estate portals like a conventional offer. For those interested, it is clearly emphasized that this is a bidding process and the possibility of a property inspection is limited to three, maximum four weeks. After the visits, interested parties can view all relevant property documents in our data room. These documents are only made available to those interested in anonymized form. Potential interested parties will receive your login data from us by email and can use it to register on our partner's digital platform. The bidding process starts on a set day, usually on a Thursday at 20 p.m., which ends after 72 hours (Sunday at 20 p.m.). The registered interested parties can then log in and bid. The bidding is automated - starting from the starting bid - in 0,5% increments. All participants have the opportunity to find out about the current highest bid online at any time, whereby the bidders are only shown in anonymous form. The bidder has the option to bid manually or initially enter his highest bid

At the end of the 3-day bidding process, a highest bidder emerges. The term will be extended by 20 minutes if a bid is placed in the last 10 minutes. After the bidding process has ended, the property will be reserved for the highest bidder after the seller's consent has been given. Unlike an auction, there is no obligation for the seller to sell to the highest bidder. If he does not agree with him for any reason, he can also sell the property to an "inferior" bidder.

As with all real estate transactions, the purchase contract is concluded through notarial certification.