Cancellation, orderer principle, money laundering? Here you find the answers.

Cancellation Policy

Why do I have to check the box before opening an exposé?

Money Laundering Act

Why does the broker ask me for my ID?

ordering principle

The Tenancy Law Amendment Act came into force on June 01st, 2015. In addition to the so-called "rent brake", the customer principle is a central point of the amendment. This includes the provision that when a rental apartment or house is brokered, the person who has commissioned the broker to pay the commission. This is usually the landlord. Incidentally, there is nothing “new” about the content of this novella. Supply and demand have determined the market for decades and in rural regions it has always been the case that the landlord pays the broker's commission. Kraft Immobilien sees itself - as it has for many years - as a neutral mediator between landlords and tenants. We are still committed to this claim.