KRAFT Immo-Check: information, checklists and forms

When it comes to selling and renting real estate, many questions arise from buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords. How do I sell my property? How do I finance a purchase object? What do I need to rent an apartment? On our Immo-Check page we have put together important information and documents for you about renting and selling real estate. You don't have to do long research or search the internet for the right information. You are also welcome to contact us when it comes to the sale or rental of houses and apartments in Bonn and the surrounding area.

Forms & checklists for selling and renting real estate

For buyers

Need help financing a property? Use our real estate financing checklist

Are you looking for a house or apartment for sale? Make your search easier with the KRAFT search form

For sellers

You want to sell a property? With the real estate sale checklist, you have all the important to-dos at a glance.

For landlords

Tenant registration at the city of Bonn. We have stored the confirmation of the accommodation provider for you here.

For tenants

Self-disclosure for prospective tenants. You can download the form here.

Apartment registration city of Bonn. You can use this form to register at your new address.

Deregistration city of Bonn. De-register your old place of residence in Bonn using this form.