Mediation of rental objects

Since the introduction of the ordering principle for lettings in the year 2015 we can unfortunately no longer offer our help in arranging rental properties. Since we are only commissioned by the landlords since that time, it has become impossible for legal reasons to offer our support to rent seekers. We regret this development very much, because the need for services in finding a flat is very high, especially in a city like Bonn.

You are interested in an apartment / house?

The market for rental properties has been very tense in the city of Bonn and the surrounding communities for years. Therefore, it makes sense to put together some documents at an early stage, which you usually need for a lease agreement. In general, you need:

  • Form self-Assessment
  • Salary statements for the last three months and / or a copy of the employment contract. For self-employed a current BWA or other proof, for example, created by a tax consultant, necessary.
  • A current Schufa information (not older than three months). |

After moving in

You are required to register with the community registration office within 14 days. Likewise, your landlord is obliged to confirm the collection. | PDF apartment message-Bonn

After the excerpt

Please remember to unsubscribe from your ward after moving out. | PDF apartment logout-Bonn