Sell ​​a house - sell an apartment

KRAFT Immobilien Bonn successfully handles real estate sales for you

KRAFT Immobilien has stood for quality and expertise in real estate sales since 1979. It is our aim to be present for you in every phase of the sales process as - in the truest sense of the word - "honest broker". Buying or selling a property is often an emotional decision for everyone involved - in addition to the purely financial aspect. Only in dialogue is it possible to achieve a result that is satisfactory for both parties. We think: this is an essential quality of a reputable broker.

Selling a house or an apartment with KRAFT Immobilien - our services for you:

In a non-binding consultation, we will clarify the opportunities, but also the risks, that selling your property in the current market situation offers.

Rating In the next step, we carry out an in-depth appraisal of your property. For this we need all documents that are necessary for an evaluation, but also for a later sale. If not all documents are available, we will obtain them from the responsible offices.

Sales preparation In further consultations, we will jointly determine the need for any upcoming renovation or beautification measures before the start of the marketing process. Real or virtual furnishing of your property is also possible (home staging). The experienced architects and civil engineers from our sister company KRAFT Bauprojekt and our cooperation partners from all areas of refurbishment and renovation are at your disposal here. A property that does not have a backlog of renovation usually achieves a disproportionately higher sales price.

Vermarktung After the photographic and textual recording of the property for sale and subsequent creation of an exposé, we start looking for a buyer. In parallel to the research in our database, we initiate the marketing process using various media, we also involve our colleague companies that have joined forces in the BIP Group (Bonner Immobilien Partner).

If you wish, we will keep you up to date on the status quo of marketing by means of monitoring at any time. You also have the option of viewing our activities independently via a link. We will always hold viewing appointments discreetly and by mutual agreement - of course also in the evening or on the weekend.
We accompany sellers and buyers during the entire sales and purchase process up to the notary's notarization date.

Even once the contracts have been exchanged, KRAFT Immobilien stays on hand to offer advice and assistance to both parties should any questions or problems arise later on.

Are you planning to sell your property?

House, condominium or building plot - our experienced experts will be happy to advise you on the sale of your property or plot of land. In addition to you non-binding initial contact with us. Even if you are only considering selling in the medium term, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always there for you with our expertise.

Please note that the result of the evaluation is only an approximation. An exact offer price can only be given after a detailed inspection.

Real estate sales checklists

Lists of documents you need to sell your property can be found here:

Money laundering:

Kraft Immobilien GmbH operates in the property sector. As such, before entering into a business relationship it is required under Section 1, Section 2(1), no. 10,4 and Section 3(XNUMX) of the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) to establish and verify the identity of the party to the contract. This means that we must keep a record of the relevant data from your ID card or passport, for example by making a copy or taking a photo. The Money Laundering Act requires estate agents to retain this information for five years. The German IVD Real Estate Association has prepared a flyer on the Act. As this flyer is only available in German, below is a summary of the main points for your convenience. Please refer to the Act for further information. Under the German Money Laundering Act, estate agents are required to obtain the following data from private persons: name, place/date of birth, nationality, address, ID/passport number and issuing authority; and from companies the following data: company name, legal form, registration number, address, registered headquarters and the name of the legal representative. In addition, for both private and commercial customers information is required on the business purpose and whether the customer is acting alone or for a third party. Furthermore, customers are obliged under German law to disclose the above information.