power construction project

After a successful sale, we are often asked to recommend good architects who can help with necessary renovations to the property or to plan a new build on a plot of land, including obtaining planning permission and professionally supervising the project.

That's why, in 2005, Helmut Schlotawa and civil engineer Christoph Walther decided to set up a company that could offer exactly these services. The result: KRAFT Bauprojekt GmbH.

In just a short time, the company evolved into a thriving office of highly skilled civil engineers and architects. They not only look after modernisation works and projects for single and multiple-family dwellings and commercial properties (including using energy-efficient passive house methods), but also implement numerous building projects. These include in the capacity of main contractor (e.g. for the Rathaus-Galerie shopping centre in Essen; project volume: 10 million euros; customer: Credit Suisse) and in the capacity of construction site supervisor (e.g. for the renovation and rejuvenation of the Wicküler City shopping centre in Wuppertal), as well as many other successful projects. The KRAFT Bauprojekt GmbH team would be happy to tell you more…

To find out more, please visit: www.kraft-bauprojekt.de www.kraft-bauprojekt.de