Our Partners

Below you will find contacts to companies and service providers with whom our company works in a trusting manner.

partner power

KRAFT Bauprojekt

Our sister company KRAFT Bauprojekt is a competent partner for all questions relating to the conversion and new construction of single-family homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties


KRAFT Immobilien has been a member of the German Real Estate Association for 35 years (formerly RDM)

DIA certification

We are certified according to the EU standard DIN EN 15733

Bonn Real Estate Partner (GDP)

Four renowned Bonn brokerage companies have been cooperating for many years. Hire a broker, three more work for you

IHK Bonn / Rhein-Sieg

We have been training young people for more than 30 years


Whether rent or purchase. On this portal you will only find verified offers from IVD brokers


The real estate platform with the most offers in Germany. We have been a premium partner for many years


No. 2 in Germany. Of course, KRAFT Immobilien has been a partner here for many years


Partner for sales of villas, castles and foreign real estate

General Gazette Bonn

Our partner for print and online advertising for decades


The reliable software for real estate agents. We have been in use for almost two decades

Design carousel

Full service company for our entire IT and web area

easy wages.

Professional partner for the preparation of wage and salary slips as well as other accounting services

Bonn PCShop

our reliable partner for hardware and software


Assessment tools, training and support

Bever project development

Partner of KRAFT Immobilien for decades

Kitchen concept

individual planning of high quality kitchens

Dr. Haymann & Partner

Tax advisor to KRAFT Immobilien for decades

Stephen Koch

Specialist lawyer for IT law and commercial legal protection

Cyrus Kube

Legal advice on tenancy law issues for decades

Markus Hannen

Specialist lawyer for labor, tenancy and residential property law

Andrew Knebel

Lawyer specializing in insurance law