Investment offer Auerbach: One of two apartment buildings with 16 apartments each

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Investment offer Auerbach: One of two apartment buildings with 16 apartments each
Property ID: 16693
For sale 1.492.771 € - Multi-Family Home
Symbol: Living space939 m² living space

There are two multi-family houses built in 1996, each with 16 condominiums and 16 parking spaces. They are part of a community of owners with a total of 96 condominiums and 96 parking spaces.

The 16 party houses can be purchased together or separately.

In addition to these two houses, a total of 17 condominiums are being sold, which are spread across the other houses.

Living space:
House 09: approx. 938,85 m²
House 11: approx. 908,00 m²

Annual net rent SHOULD:
House 09: EUR 76.403,82 (EUR 6,10 / m² + EUR 40 per parking space)
House 11: EUR 74.145,60 (EUR 6,10 / m² + EUR 40 per parking space)

According to the owner, there was never any significant vacancy, due to the good location, the exemplary construction and the equipment of the apartments, the next tenant was almost always found within the notice period.

Purchase price including parking spaces:
House 09: EUR 1.492.771,50
House 11: EUR 1.407.400,00

3,57% of the purchase price including VAT, earned, due and payable on the day of the notarial deed of the purchase contract and regardless of the seller's commission.

House 9: 19,950 times the annual rent
House 11: 19,947 times the annual rent

Rental yield:
House 09: 5,118%
House 11: 5,140%

Our Mr. Schlotawa is at your disposal for further information, floor plans and other useful information.

The large district town of Auerbach / Vogtl. is a city in the Saxon Vogtlandkreis. It is considered the center of the eastern Vogtland and is the third largest city in the district after Plauen and Reichenbach in the Vogtland with around 20.350 inhabitants.
In Zwickau, only 28 km away, the VW factories located there have been producing the first models with electric motors since spring. This and other employers are guarantors for further prosperous development in the region.

The Auerbach sports airfield is located in Auerbach. There are two train stations and one stopping point that are served by the Vogtlandbahn. Plauen, Hof, Falkenstein and Adorf can be reached from the upper station on the Herlasgrün ?? Oelsnitz railway line. Zwickau, Falkenstein and Klingenthal can be reached from the lower station on the Zwickau - Falkenstein railway line. The line that runs through the lower station was extended to the Czech Republic in 2000. This means that in the Czech border town of Kraslice there is a possibility to change trains to GW Train Regio; Sokolov and Karlovy Vary (Karlovy Vary connection only on weekends) can be reached directly with a connection to the express train network of the Czech railway company Ceské dráhy.

Since 2018 there has been a station of a Central German car sharing provider at the garden house in Auerbach, where two electric cars are available for rent. This allows tourists, for example, to travel by train without their own car and use a partial car for remote destinations in the area. Auerbach can be seen as a pioneer in this sense, because it is one of the very few small towns with a car sharing station, while such offers are mostly limited to large metropolitan areas. (Wikipedia)


The attached photos already show some of the equipment details. Almost all apartments have a balcony or balcony. Some are equipped with kitchenettes.
The buildings are heated centrally by gas.

The beautiful Vogtland and the "three towers" city of Auerbach


There are many reasons to travel to Vogtland and most of them are green. Natural green forests and landscapes become a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Wide green mountain meadows delight the eye and whet the appetite for a family picnic in the countryside - including a panoramic view. And those who want to explore the culinary delicacies of the Vogtland come to the famous? Green dumplings ?? not over. So it is probably also that in the former land of the bailiffs of Weida, Gera and Plauen today around 70 places the word ?? green ?? lead in the name.
Whether young or old, those interested in culture, athletes or those looking for relaxation? the Vogtland has something to offer for every guest. And we imagine where it is so beautiful, one can live excellently.


Auerbach is a pearl of quality of life in the surrounding area due to its location and what it has to offer. There are far-reaching offers for the local people - opportunities to relax and unwind.
In addition, Auerbach (with its surrounding area) has very good economic indicators. The economic focus of the region is reinforced by the proximity to Plauen, Zwickau, Chemnitz, the Czech Republic and Bavaria. The city's important economic sectors are the textile industry with companies such as manufacturers of textiles for weather protection, work clothing services and embroidered textiles, the food industry, the electrical and automotive supply industries and machine tool construction.

Energy Performance Certificate

  • Energy certificate-vintage: not available
  • Energy certificate-building: not specified
  • Primary energy sources: Gas


  • Object No .: 16693
  • property: Apartment building
  • Living space: 939 m²
  • Rentable area: 939 m²
  • Year of construction: 1996
  • Heating: Central Heating
  • Number of outdoor parking spaces: 16
  • Property is available from: rented out completely
  • parking: Gas
  • X times (purchase price based on annual rent): 19.95
  • Net return (%): 5,12
  • Current rental income: 76.404 €
  • Current rental income (should): 76.404 €
  • Type of equipment: elevated
  • Flooring: Stone, laminate
  • parking: outdoor court
  • Last modernization: 2010
  • Sale price: 1.492.771 €
  • Courtage (VAT included): 3.57%

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