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KRAFT Immobilien now also DIN-certified

The certification according to DIN EN 15733 is proof that KRAFT Immobilien fulfills the requirements of the European DIN EN 15733 standard and applies it in its work with its customers. At the same time, our customers can be certain that we will comply with the information requirements laid down in the DIN standard. The fulfillment of the requirements of the service standard is ensured by ...

How do I recognize a good real estate agent?

This question is often asked on the Internet and, conveniently, the answers are usually provided directly. However, if you take a closer look at the individual criteria, the picture is much more differentiated. We have summarized this for you in a short question-and-answer game. This can be used to identify circumstantial evidence that, taken as a whole, indicates ...

KRAFT Immobilien has the largest online reach of all Bonn real estate agencies

Since half a year the company Immonia from Cologne evaluates all broker websites in Germany, which are placed on Google to market relevant search terms. The company came to the conclusion that the page among the approx. 300 competitors in Bonn is by far the most frequently found and visited. A big incentive to further expand our online activities.