Finding the perfect property

Looking for a new home or an investment opportunity? Our comprehensive buyer's service will help you to find the ideal property, with advice and support right through to the exchange of contracts and beyond…

Our services:

  • We help you to find the right location/neighbourhood
  • We carry out a micro-location check, if required
  • We include you in KRAFT's client list
  • We shortlist properties listed with KRAFT and with our associates
  • We forward detailed listings
  • We carry out viewing appointments
  • We conduct price negotiations with the seller
  • We take care of documents for the buyer and the lending bank
  • We arrange financing on request
  • We commission the individual contract
  • We clarify and advise on contract matters
  • We accompany you to the appointment with the notary
  • We offer professional support with the property handover
  • We provide follow-up support should any problems arise

Search form:

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Details on revocation:

In 2014, the German courts ruled that consumers must expressly be made aware of their right to withdraw from a contract. For estate agents, this means that a contract comes into being at the latest once we have forwarded a listing to you. To give you a clearer idea of this complicated process, please watch the following short film (in German):

Money laundering:

Kraft Immobilien GmbH operates in the property sector. As such, before entering into a business relationship it is required under Section 1, Section 2(1), no. 10,4 and Section 3(XNUMX) of the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) to establish and verify the identity of the party to the contract. This means that we must keep a record of the relevant data from your ID card or passport, for example by making a copy or taking a photo. The Money Laundering Act requires estate agents to retain this information for five years. The German IVD Real Estate Association has prepared a flyer on the Act. As this flyer is only available in German, below is a summary of the main points for your convenience. Please refer to the Act for further information. Under the German Money Laundering Act, estate agents are required to obtain the following data from private persons: name, place/date of birth, nationality, address, ID/passport number and issuing authority; and from companies the following data: company name, legal form, registration number, address, registered headquarters and the name of the legal representative. In addition, for both private and commercial customers information is required on the business purpose and whether the customer is acting alone or for a third party. Furthermore, customers are obliged under German law to disclose the above information.